The Goldsmith Shop

Checking & Cleaning

Are you at risk? When was the last time you had your rings checked and cleaned? All too often customers bring in their rings when it is too late; they have already lost their precious diamond or colored stone. Losing your center stone can be heart breaking, and replacing it can be frustrating, time consuming and expensive.   Avert that disaster by simply stopping in to our store! It’ll take us only a few minutes to do a complete examination and follow-up by cleaning your treasured item. And the best part is that the service is absolutely free, with our compliments. You’ll be back on your way in no time with complete piece of mind and a smile on your face. So stop in and make our day, and maybe we can make yours by saving you some heartache and money.


Most everything in life requires maintenance; changing the oil in our cars, replacing the filters in our furnace, and vacuuming the carpet. How about the jewelry we wear and treasure? Much of it, the symbols of our love, requires careful maintenance, too. You may not know that precious metals, such as silver and gold can wear and break in time. At Fox Fine Jewelers we’ve always believed in helping our customers understand the nuances and attributes of the many metals we carry… and the varied “maintenance needs” required of each.  Precious metals are like tires and their longevity is dependent on how many miles you put on them, the terrain over which you travel and how you treat them. We are always happy to give you suggestions of ways to give your jewelry more life. Simple things like: don’t wear your jewelry while swimming or to bed. The Chlorine oxidizes the metal and bed sheets are like sandpaper.  To put this “maintenance” issue into perspective, remember “time flies when you’re having fun!” A quick check on the computer may show that the ring you thought you had just purchased a few years ago was actually bought 8 or 10 or 14 years ago. So, yes, it may be time for a little maintenance.  We understand you may not want to be without your jewelry, or that you may be under some kind of time constraint. Don’t worry. We will work with your schedule and do our best to get your jewelry back to you in a timely manner and as economically as is humanly possible… and that’s a promise!

Custom Made Jewelry

When a one of a kind, original design is desired we provide the finest Goldsmiths to insure the quality craftsmanship your jewelry deserves. Designing a custom piece with us allows you to create an extension of your own personality. Each element; the type and shapes of stones, your choice of metals and other specific design aspects will be meticulously created into your unique jewelry piece of stunning craftsmanship and a reflection of your individuality. Your imagination is the only limitation!